An Introduction

Hello, internet! My name is Kerri and, I suppose, this is my first ever blog post. If you don’t count Livejournal.

And, yes, I’m aware I just dated myself.

If you don’t count that, then this will be my first foray into putting my personal thoughts out into the ether for others to peruse. So, I figured I would introduce myself. I wear quite a few hats: I’m a medical technologist, a wife, a mother of two, and a herder of cats. (Don’t worry, there’s only a few of them… for now.) My family and I are recent transplants to the Boston, MA area from New Mexico. It’s quite a change, but I’m absolutely loving it!

When I’m not working or breaking up sibling tussles, I amuse myself in various ways. I’m a nerd married to a bigger nerd, so we love winding down by playing board games (think Mansions of Madness type games) or video games where we kill things together (Borderlands co-op is insanely fun). I also enjoy spending time in the sun, whether swimming or hiking or just sitting on our back patio.

But, as the name of this blog may hint, my favorite past-time is reading. It’s not often that you’ll find me without a book near by, in one form or another. Physical, audiobook, e-books… sometimes one of each! I’ve been reading since I was young and the love of getting lost in a narrative has never left me. My favorite genres are fantasy, thrillers, young adult, and historical fiction. Honestly, though, I will read anything if the premise interests me!

Which brings me to why this blog has come into existence! I am a voracious reader, but most of the people in my life pick up a book maybe once a month. It’s hard to love books as much as I do and have no outlet to just blab to about your latest 5 (or 1…) star read! I can hold a conversation but I’m not very eloquent, so booktube is out. I can’t take a decent photo to save my life, so bye-bye bookstagram. And I’m almost 37 and bad at Twitter *shrug*

I do, however, enjoy writing and am fairly good at getting my point across with the written word. Thus, a book blog is born! This space will be where I share book reviews, gush about new favs, and basically open my bookish heart to the world. And I’m hoping this will be a space to meet like-minded booklovers, as well!

On that note, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy!


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