In Other Words #3

It’s Sunday! It’s December! IT’S SNOWING!

Normally, I wouldn’t be excited about snow because I a) hate winter and b) hate snow. Something about moving from the desert to a place that actually has seasons makes me eager for these signs of the changes, though. I haven’t experienced a good snow fall in years and apparently I missed it? Either way, it’s beautiful outside right now.

And now it’s time for another post of mostly random stuff. But, first, let’s wrap up my most recent posts.

Last Week’s Posts

Life Outside the Blogosphere

Of course the big event this past week was Thanksgiving. Turkey was made. Pies were eaten. Board games were played. It was an all-around great day! I spent the day with just my husband and the kiddos and it was one of the more peaceful Thanksgivings I’ve ever had! Everyone ate the food (a small miracle where my five year old is concerned) and my 12 year old actually enjoyed playing Betrayal Legacy with us (another small miracle)!

The cherry pie I made for Thanksgiving

The fun times continued into Friday, when my family and I went to Members Only Night at our local aquarium. We live in a very populated area and the aquarium is typically PACKED with people. On Friday, however, they stayed open late and let only members in. It was much less crowded and they were selling snacks and drinks. It was incredible! I didn’t worry about the five year old getting lost in the crowd and we could actually get close enough to the tanks the see the fish! Whoever came up with this event is a genius and should get a raise.

The octopus at the New England Aquarium

Saturday and Sunday were busy, as well. The five year old had rehearsal for a Christmas play put on by a local music theater group on both Saturday and Sunday. We spent part of Saturday Christmas shopping and I might have wiggled in a little side trip to Barnes & Noble. AND we attended a birthday party for my husband’s best friend’s daughter today! I feel like we’ve been moving non-stop all weekend! It’s nice to be tucked into bed right now with the kids cuddling close while we all sip hot chocolate. Perfect way to relax before getting back to work tomorrow.

Random Stuff

Song of the Week:

So the board game that we’ve been playing, Betrayal Legacy, at one point requires you to make up a chant and my husband went with “Ooga chaka, ooga ooga, ooga chaka!” We then had to explain where that came from to our kids. And then, of course, we had to play the song for them. It has been stuck in my head since Thursday @_@

Factoid of the Week:

“A physicist made his cat the co-author of his scientific paper to avoid replacing ‘we’ with ‘I’ throughout his paper.”

Anyways, back to the hot chocolate and the cuddles. Have a grand week, everyone!

And, as always, happy reading!


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