In Other Words #8

Hello, book lovers! It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these. Mostly because I was recovering from the holidays, lol. It’s a new year and, so far, it’s looking to be a good reading year! Before I start rambling on, though, let’s take a look back at my posts from this past week.

Last Week’s Posts

Life Outside the Blogosphere

Not much has been going on, to be honest! We’ve just been getting back to our regular schedule here. The kids had their first full week of school last week and managed to survive despite their constant groaning *eye roll* Though I will say my 5 yo was more enthusiastic about going back as opposed to my 12 yo. She insists that’s because he’s in kindergarten, which is all “colors and taking naps”, lol. Kindergarten is a lot more involved than it was when I was five, though!

I have started out my reading year on a high note, though! I’ve completed two books and both were four stars, which is pretty fantastic. Especially when you compare how many books I read in January 2019 which was a grand total of one. To be fair, it was a chonky boy (Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss) and I did end up giving it five stars, so the year didn’t start off poorly when it comes to quality. Still, I’m happy to have a few more books under my belt at this point than I did last year, especially since I bumped up my reading goal from 50 books to 60!

I also made a trip to the library and got… way too many books. I am trying to focus on reading my owned TBR first, but I was at the library and things just happened and I left with five books.

I have no self-control, y’all.

In my defense, most of the five were books I had put on hold before 2020, so they were kind of already on my TBR? I guess? And I didn’t actually buy any of them, so I’m sticking to that goal! I’ve also been kind of curious about adult romance novels, but I have no desire to actually own any until I know if I’m actually going to like the genre or not. I’ve never been a romance reader, but I’ve heard so many great things about a lot of romance books lately that I wanted to dip my toes in to see how I feel.

Other than going to the library and getting too many books, the family and I also explored a new park in the local area. It was unseasonably warm this weekend and I wanted to take advantage of it before the typical winter weather sets back in. We spent the morning trekking through the woods, playing with ice on a frozen pond, and meeting so many doggos! This park is apparently a popular spot for people to bring their dogs and I was in heaven. The kids had a ton of fun, we got some fresh air, and I got to pet dogs… it was pretty much a perfect day!

Now I’m gearing up for the week ahead. We have no exciting plans for next week, but I do have a day off during the week which I’m hoping to use as a relaxing read-in-bed-while-the-kids-are-at-school day. Though, let’s be honest, I’ll probably use it to clean, heh. Still, I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

Random Stuff

Song of the Week:

I’ve been really into listening to ambiance music while I read, lately. I found this channel on Youtube and it’s just so relaxing.

Factoid of the Week:

“When Europeans found fossilized shark teeth, they thought they were the tongues of dragons. These “tongue stones” were worn as charms and dipped into food to purify it of poison.”

How was your past week? Anything exciting happen? Any new books you fell in love with? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


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