Book Tag: Bookish Heavenly Virtues

Bookish Heavenly Virtues Tag

I realized the other day that I haven’t done a bookish tag in quite some time. Then I discovered this tag over at The Pine-Scented Chronicles and it looked really unique! So, ya know, I snagged it 😉 I do love a tag with interesting questions that really make me wrack my brain for books to match. Time to jump in!

CHASTITY: Which author/book/series you wish you had never read?

This book fills me with such a rage. I understand that characters in books don’t have to be likable, but dear LORD. These characters weren’t just “unlikable”, they were detestable! And the story itself was just completely uninteresting to me, so I really had nothing to enjoy. This is the book that put me off classics for a long, LONG time. Just… no thank you.

TEMPERANCE: Which book/series did you find so good, that you didn’t want to read it all at once, and you read it in doses just to make the pleasure last longer?

There are a few that fit this category, but I’ll pick the most recent one. I absolutely adored The Starless Sea and I definitely wanted to make it last as long as possible. I found myself finishing a chapter and purposely putting the book down because, if I didn’t, I would just tear through the entire book! It did help that I was reading it for a book club and we had a reading schedule. I could just tell myself I couldn’t read past a certain part because then I would be too far ahead! Either way, I already wish I could jump back into this world ❤

CHARITY: Which book/series/author do you tirelessly push to others, telling them about it or even giving away spare copies bought for that reason?

The Great Library series! If I could make everyone I know read this series, I would! I love this series so much and it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s bookish. It’s got the whole found family thing going on, which we know I love. And later books have a bit of a quest aspect, as well! This series just ticks a lot of boxes for me and I want to be able to gush about them to someone who has read them!

(Sidenote: this could work for TEMPERANCE, too, because I still haven’t read the final book in the series. I don’t want it to end!)

DILIGENCE: Which series/author you follow no matter what happens and how long you have to wait?

*deep sigh*

I want to believe that George R.R. Martin will give us the ending to this series before the end of time. I do. But even my eternally optimistic self is starting to doubt. I just want to read Winds of Winter, dammit! I’m too invested in this story to not know how it ends!

And we are most definitely ignoring the TV ending.

So, as much as it is a knock to my optimism every year, I will follow this series and this author until we finally get a conclusion or I die. Honestly might die first.

PATIENCE: Is there an author/book/series you’ve read that improved with time the most, starting out unpromising, but ultimately proving rewarding?

This book is exceedingly long. So. very. long! And, though it started on a fairly high note, it slowed down a fair bit fairly quickly. There were quite a few times that I thought about giving up… but I am SO glad I didn’t! This is one of the few classics that I ended up really loving! Even with the slog in the middle, this was still a wonderful book and it had a lot more going on than I had originally thought. I’m so glad I stuck with this one.

KINDNESS: Which fictitious character would you consider your role-model in the hassle of everyday life?

I know, I know… I already included The Starless Sea on this list, but it’s been a loooong time since I’ve connected with a character as much as I did with Zachary Ezra Rawlins! He is me as a book character. I don’t know if his homebody ways would be considered as a good thing to model my life after, but it’s the life I want to lead. Also, the way he reacts to all the strange circumstances of this book are way better than what I would have come up with… He’s a kind, smart person and that’s really all I’m striving to be in this world.

HUMILITY: Which book/series/author do you find most under-rated?

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles is another series I wish I could make everyone read. I read these books as a child and absolutely loved it. Actually, these were the only books I would read for about a year, heh. Once I read the first one, I had to have the subsequent books and I just read and re-read them over and over. I’m extremely sad that, during one of my family’s many moves, these books disappeared. I would love to re-read them again! I honestly don’t know how popular or not these books are or were, but I feel like I don’t hear about them nearly enough.

If you find this bookish tag as interesting as I did, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see other readers’ answers to this questions. So, if you decide to join in on the fun, drop a link down below!

And, as always, happy reading!


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