Mini Reviews: O.W.L.s Edition

Mini Reviews: O.W.L.s

Hello, readers!

Welcome to the last day of April! And we all know what that means.

Well… yes… tomorrow is May. But, more importantly, it’s the end of the Magical Readathon! You can read my initial announcement post here. This year, I was set on completing O.W.L.s that would put me on track for my chosen magical career: Trader of Magical Tomes. That meant I needed to read four books to “test for” four different O.W.L.s: Ancient Runes, Charms, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. It was touch-and-go for half the month but, I am happy to report, I completed all of my O.W.L.s! And now I can try and string my thoughts together about each book I read. Let’s get to it!

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