Book Blogger Hop: Aug 21 – 27

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Crazy-For-Books and is currently being hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every Friday, a new question is posted for book bloggers to answer in the coming week. The purpose of the hop is connection and community. You can discover new blogs to follow, new books to read, and you may end up with some new followers, as well!

This Week’s Question

 Do you look at your shelves and stacks and books and wonder how you have ever read so many?

This week’s prompt submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews.

Hahaha, often 😅

Seriously, though, when I was unpacking my books after the move, it kind of boggled my mind that I had read a vast majority of what I had on my shelves. I mean, I suppose it shouldn’t since my favorite past time is reading. There’s something about seeing them all in one space,though, that makes it hit home.

And that’s not even all the books I’ve read! I’ve been a loyal library-goer since I was old enough to have a library card (and even before when I had to use my parent’s card). There are quite a few books that I’ve read that I don’t actually own. What really shocks me is looking at my Goodreads Read shelf. According to that, I’ve read over 550 books in my lifetime!! And it’s probably quite a few more since, as I’ve mentioned, I have a shit memory for books, lol. There could be books I read when I was younger that I just don’t remember.

Honestly, though, that sense of wonder and surprise at seeing all these books that I’ve read is part of the reason that I like to hang on to the books I’ve bought. Even if I know I’m never going to re-read them, I just like having them there to remind me of the stories I’ve loved over the years.

And they look pretty in my living room 💕

Do you hang on to your read books? Do you ever stare at your shelves and wonder how you’ve read so. many. books?! Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: Aug 21 – 27

  1. For me this is a big downside to reading digital, I think less than a quarter of my read books are physical, and scrolling through my audible list is really not the same as having them all pretty on a shelf

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