The Liebster Award

Hello, reader!

I have an exciting post for you today. I was nominated/tagged to do the Liebster Award! I’ve seen this tag floating around many bookish blogs and I’ve always loved seeing the unique questions and reading everyone’s answers. Now I get a chance to answer and make up some of my own!

I was tagged by the wonderful Danni @ _ForBooksSake. Her blog is my go-to if I’m on the hunt for a thriller or something spooky. You should definitely go check her out! Also, her pets are super cute and there are pictures on her Liebster Award post, so you gotta at least read that one. I haven’t a clue who originally came up with the Liebster Awards, but thank you, random blogger!

Alright, let’s get to the post, shall we?


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to their blog (Thank you, Danni!)
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked of you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post


#1. What is your favourite book of the year so far?

There is no way I can talk about this book nearly enough, but I’m sure if you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you knew the answer to this question 😂 My favorite has to go to Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko! I’ve already re-read it, which is something I rarely do… especially in the same year that I first read it! I own two copies (so far) and was super stoked to get a free download of the audiobook in my October OwlCrate. This book is just incredible and I will be shouting it’s praises until I can shout no more. Now I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the sequel, which comes out next summer!

#2. Who are your auto buy authors?

I have a rule that I have to have loved at least two books by an author to consider them an autobuy. That being said, my current list includes:

  • Angie Thomas
  • Margaret Owen
  • Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Erin Morgenstern

It’s not a long list, but I will read absolutely anything these four authors write. And I feel like the list will be growing once I read a few sequels to some fantastic series I started this year. Fingers crossed!

#3. Describe your ideal reading nook.

Ohhh, I get to dream a little bit! Okay… my ideal reading nook would have tons of natural sunlight, so I would want large windows. They would preferably be facing away from whatever street we live on so that all I could see would be the surrounding wilderness, be it forests or the ocean. There would be an oversized armchair that is comfortably broken in and has my reading blanket draped over it. Next to the chair is a cute side table that doubles as a small TBR bookshelf to hold the books I’m currently reading and my hot cocoa. The walls would, of course, be lined with bookshelves and they would have enough room for all of my books and the bookish items I want to display. I would save one wall to display prints and such. Oh! And there would be a fireplace! And wireless speakers to play soft music in the background as I read.

Sigh… why is this not real?

#4. Do you make monthly TBR’s, or are you a mood reader?

I am 1000% a mood reader! Whenever I make a TBR, I never truly stick to it. The only time I’m dedicated to my TBR is when I’m doing a readathon where I have to read specific books for specific prompts. Otherwise, it’s totally up to whatever I’m fancying at the moment.

Well… that and any tours/ARC books I’m supposed to be reading for review. Those always get priority!

#5. Which book are you most excited to read?

The Fires of Vengance by Evan Winter! I’ve been so excited for this sequel ever since I finished the first book in this series. I need to know what is happening with Tau after that dramatic ending! I’m also on the blog tour hosted by Caffeine Book Tours, so I have a lovely ARC just waiting for me to dive in. It’s the next book I’ll be picking up!

#6. Which book/series do you think is underrated?

I need more people to read The Great Library series by Rachel Caine and love it as much as I do! I’ve actually just picked up the last book in the series. I’m excited to read it… but, also, that means that it’ll be over 😩😩😩 I’m not ready to let go of Jess and the gang. These books are centered around the concept of what the world would look like if the Great Library of Alexandria never burned to the ground. It’s such a cool concept and I love where the author takes it.

#7. What is your favourite book to screen adaptation?

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is probably the only story where I honestly can’t decide what I love more: the book or the movie! There are very few screen adaptations of books that I truly enjoy, but this one is pretty close to perfect. The casting is great, the movie captures the same fun vibe that is throughout the book, and I have yet to get tired of either one of them. The Princess Bride is proof that great adaptations can be done, y’all!

#8. Which book would you like to see adapted to screen?

I’ve already gushed about Raybearer, so I’m going to pick another book for this question (though a Raybearer series would be… just so good). Another favorite of the year that I recently read is Legendborn by Tracy Deonn. I think it would make an incredible movie or series! The action, the magic, the looooore! It would be amazing. Arthurian legends need a more modern screen adaptation and I think this would be the perfect choice. I mean… as long as they did it right, of course.

#9. Is there any genre you definitely wouldn’t ever read?

I don’t want to say I would never read a book from a particular genre… but probably Westerns. I honestly could not care less about Westerns, both in book and movie form. Cowboys and the Wild West and all that just don’t strike my fancy.

Again, I’m sure there is a Western out there that might completely enthrall me, but it’s not something that I would pick up of my own accord. I’d have to have multiple people I trust gushing about it before I decided to give it a go, lol.

#10. Do you prefer physical books or digital books?

PHYSICAL BOOKS!! Which is something I’m realizing more recently as I’m trying to catch up with my Netgalley e-ARCs 😅 Don’t get me wrong… I still enjoy e-books and audiobooks. But when I read a bunch of e-books in a row, I find myself becoming less and less excited about reading. I love the feel and experience of picking up a physical book, though! It just hits different, ya know?

#11. You can have dinner with 3 fictional characters, who do you choose?

  1. Tarisai from Raybearer
  2. Bree from Legendborn
  3. Malik from A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

They are all from recent reads, but I love them so much and I think dinner with them would be so much fun! We could talk about magic and spirits and legends. And they all could take a quick break from the intensity that is their lives.

My Questions

  1. What is your most anticipated release for 2021?
  2. What is a genre that you most want to try?
  3. Which do you prefer: a book that makes you laugh or a book that makes you cry?
  4. Where is your favorite place to read?
  5. If you were to write your own novel, what genre would it be?
  6. What is the best book you have read in 2020?
  7. What is your favorite thing about being a book blogger?
  8. What character do you think embodies your personality?
  9. Do you watch Booktube? If so, who is your favorite Booktuber?
  10. If you were to run your own book subscription box (think OwlCrate, Illumicrate), what would be the theme? What books/items would you feature?
  11. Surprise! You’ve inherited an adorable bookstore. What are you naming it?

My Nominees

  1. Jenny @ JenJen Reviews
  2. Sammie @ The Bookwyrm’s Den
  3. Naty @ Naty Reads Books
  4. Erika @ And On She Reads
  5. Kimberly @ My Bookish Bliss
  6. Briennai @ Bri’s Book Nook
  7. Livy @ Shelves of Starlight
  8. Fiona @ Fi’s Bibliofiles
  9. Amy Louise @ The Shelf of Unread Books
  10. Leah @ Leah’s Books
  11. Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog

This was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoyed my post and, if you’re interested in answering my questions yourself, I’m definitely not gonna stop ya! I would love to see everyone’s answers, so drop me a link.

And, as always, happy reading!


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