Down the TBR Hole #17

It’s time for a new round of Down the TBR Hole! This is where I go through my Goodreads ‘Want to Read’ shelf and do a bit of cleaning up. If you want to see the full description of what this post is all about, check out my first round HERE.

Hello, reader!

It’s been an eventful weekend, so this post is coming to you a little later in the day. My best friend took me to see Hadestown and now I’m kind of obsessed 👀 It was incredible! And then I had to go into work today and I am a tired bean. But not too tired to do another round of Down the TBR Hole!

Let’s see… last round, we ended with 643 books on my Want to Read shelf. Currently, I’m sitting at… the exact same number! How am I accomplishing this feat of self-restraint?! And can I apply this to other aspects of my life? That aside, let’s see if I can pare down this number even more.

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

Even though I’ve yet to read any Sherlock Holmes, this reimagining sounds like something I could love. We’re following the great-great-granddaughter of Holmes himself as she does some detective work of her own. It sounds intriguing, and I actually own a copy, so it definitely gets to stay.

Verdict: Keep

Hanover House by Brenda Novak

I’m fairly certain this isn’t the only Brenda Novak novel on my Want to Read shelf. Having read the synopsis, let’s hope the other one can capture my interest more. I mean, this sounds like a decent thriller, but it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. Better luck next time!

Verdict: Remove

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

I remember adding this book because it was a friend’s favorite childhood book series. And then I found out there was a magical pig involved. It’s frankly shocking that I haven’t already read this! This is an older fantasy series, so who knows how it’s held up to time, but I’m certainly still intrigued.

Verdict: Keep

The Mist by Stephen King

Look, I watched the movie, wanted to throw things at the screen when it ended, and now kind of need to know if the book is just as rage-inducing.

It doesn’t make sense, but here we are.

Verdict: Keep

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Since adding this book to my TBR, I’ve lost much of the interest that first drew me to it. I’ve heard it’s well-written and a lot of people seem to love it. I just don’t think I’m in the mood for a book filled with white saviorism. So, it’s a no for me.

Verdict: Remove

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

I know for a fact there is another book by this author on my Want to Read shelf (shout-out to The Gilded Wolves). But, unlike the Novak, this book’s synopsis has saved it from getting chopped. This sounds incredible! Why haven’t I read this yet?! I’m really slacking on my backlist, y’all 😩

Verdict: Keep

Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan

And here we have yet another first book in a high fantasy series. There’s a lot of those on my TBR, heh. And, because there are a lot of them, I’m learning to be a little more picky about what I keep. This one, though it sounds like it could be a solid fantasy novel, isn’t doing it for me.

Verdict: Remove

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

It’s Neil Gaiman and it’s inspired by Norse mythology.

Like… obviously I’m keeping this.

I honestly don’t know many people who have actually read this, so it may be trash. But I’m more than willing to give it a go!

Verdict: Keep

The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon

Guess what? We’ve got another first book in a fantasy series! This one, however, is also tagged as “fantasy romance”. Romance isn’t one of my top genres, but I’ve been dipping my toe in. Perhaps mixing romance with my favorite genre is just what I need to dive in.

Verdict: Keep

Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

There is… a lot going on in the synopsis of this book, lol. But it certainly sounds compelling! It’s a fantasy (surprised, aren’t you) that is based on Islamic mythology. It sounds like it will have a lot of the classic fantasy tropes, but I do love a fantasy that is based in a non-European world.

Verdict: Keep

And now for the numbers!

Starting total: 643
Removed: 3
End total: 640

Another a three of the list and I’m feeling good about it. Not feeling good about all these backlist fantasy novels on my TBR that sound incredible! I feel like I straight up forgot about a few of them 😅 That’s one of the benefits of doing these posts. I can get reacquainted with some books that sound amazing!

Until next round, y’all, happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole #17

  1. I have read two of the books you mentioned (and choose to keep) and I really enjoyed both of them, A study in Charlotte was a nice reading, and even if I have yet to continue the series (but series are the bane of my existence… And the bliss, to be honest! 😅) and the Gaiman’s one was pretty good too! I hope you would enjoy them too!

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