2022 Reading Goals

Hello, reader!

We’ve made it to 2022 mostly intact, which is nothing to sneeze at these days. Now that we’re here, I figured it was time to share my reading goals for this new year. I realized, as I was preparing to write this post, that I never made a 2021 reading goals post. It’s not that I didn’t have anything I was striving towards, reading-wise, but after the year that was 2020, I wasn’t feeling putting anymore pressure on myself.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Why would sharing your goals put pressure on you?” And the only answer is because of who I am as a person 😂 The need to seem On Top Of Things is real in Kerri-land, so putting goals out there for people to see makes my brain see them as something I have to do. But 2022 is the year that I’m trying to be much kinder to myself. I’m trying to look at these goals as something fun, not like they’re chores. As goals that would be cool to achieve, but won’t send me into a shame-spiral if I don’t quite get there. It’s… a work in progress, lol.

That being said, I’ve only set myself a few reading/bookish goals this year that I think I quite attainable. Let’s take a look at what I have in mind for 2022!

My Main Bookish Goals

As I mentioned, I don’t have a ton of bookish goals I’m focusing on this year. I think that will help me not only focus to achieve the goals I’ve set, but not stress myself out too much in 2022. I was a ball of stress by the end of last year and it was not fun. So I’ve picked out four goals that I’m hoping to focus on throughout the year:

#1. Read more of my owned TBR.

Ya girl has… a lot of books that I own, but have not read. Like…

My overstuffed TBR bookcase

A lot. And that’s just the bookcase! There are three stacks in my office that aren’t included in this picture! So my main focus for 2022 is to the actually read some of these before adding even more books to this fire hazard.

And maybe get a new bookcase.

First, though, I’m gonna read more of my owned books! These are all books that I bought because I truly wanted to read them at some point, but they’ve all been neglected for newer, shinier books. I really got caught up in the new release hype last year which is how my owned yet unread library has grown so monstrous. My plan for right now is no new books until I’ve read a significant portion of my owned library. The only exception to that rule is my Illumicrate subscription (which is already paid for since I pay every 6 months) and my Book of the Month subscription (which I’m going to limit to just my BotM pick… no add-ons!). I have yet to decided what a “significant portion” entails because I have yet to actually count the number of books that encompass my owned TBR.

Mostly cause I’m scared 😅

#2. New year, new Goodreads goal: 80 books!

Last year, I absolutely rocked my Goodreads goal. I read over 100 books, which has never happened before! With that said, you would think I would set my goal somewhere around that number right? I’ve proven it can be achieved.

My 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge set at 80 books

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Why? Because I know myself. If I set my goal to a number that I’ve only achieved once and I fall behind, I will beat myself up over it. It makes no sense… it’s not like this is an actual competition. That’s just how my brain works. So I’ve set a goal that I know I can most likely achieve, but is also more of a challenge than the year prior. I figured 80 was a good, solid goal for this year and, if I smash it, then that’ll be a little kick of serotonin that is always welcome.

#3. Complete four series that I’m already reading.

We all know I’m a lover of fantasy and one thing that is rife in the fantasy genre is series. Which has led to me being in the middle of… quite a few series. I’ve chosen four that a) are completed (as far as I know) and b) already on my owned shelf. Two birds with one stone and all that!

  • Sword and Pen by Rachel Caine: This is the last book in The Great Library series and it’s honestly criminal that I haven’t read it yet. This is one of my favorite fantasy series and 2022 is the year I finally complete it!
  • A Psalm of Storms and Silence by Roseanne A. Brown: This first book in this duology, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, was one of my favorite reads of 2020. It was such a strong book, with gorgeous world-building and two main characters I instantly loved. So it’s time to finish their story and see how this all wraps up.
  • Unravel the Dusk by Elizabeth Lim: I adored Spin the Dawn when I read it and yet have not picked up the last book in this duology. Elizabeth Lim has a way with words that sucks you into the story, so I know I’m going to love this. Now it’s time to prove my prediction right.
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson: Oof… Here’s another one that I feel pretty ashamed I haven’t read yet. I started to read it at the end of 2021, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Not because of the writing, but because of me. Stress and trying to read a 500+ page end to a trilogy do not mix well! But I promise to finally finish this in 2022.

#4. Post more to my bookish Instagram.

My bookstagram has been woefully neglected these past few years. 2022 is the year I’m planning on changing that! Now, I know myself. There’s no way I’m going to post every day. With as busy as my life is and trying to maintain a good schedule on the blog, I would run myself into the ground early if I tried that! The plan right now is to post at least three times a week for the next few months and see how I feel. I would also love to get some kind of aesthetic going at some point… but one step at a time 😂

Reading Challenges

Reading challenges are back! I half-heartedly participated in them last year but the results were… lackluster to say the least. This year, I got some pretty new stickers to help keep my motivated! That being said, I’m not going to lose my mind if I don’t complete every prompt. 2022 is about being relaxed, y’all. So which challenges will I be doing?

The Popsugar Reading Challenge

A picture of my Popsugar Reading Challenge layout with stickers

For a full list of the challenges and a printable PDF, check out the Popsugar website.
Stickers by The Sticker Party!

The Read Your Shelf Challenge

A picture of my Read Your Shelf Challenge layout with stickers

This is challenge created by the company from which I bought the stickers! Check them out at The Shelfie Chronicles on Etsy.

The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

A picture of my Book Riot Read Harder Challenge layout with stickers

For a full list of the challenges and a downloadable PDF, check out the Book Riot website.
Stickers by The Shelfie Chronicles!

So there we have it… my reading and bookish goals for 2022! I think the main theme of this year is to take a breath and not try to overwhelm myself. That’s why I kept my goals to a minimum and I’m not pushing myself to complete the reading challenges. If I do, great! If I don’t, I’m sure I’ll still have read a ton of great books because of them.

How about you? Do you have any reading goals for the new year? Are you participating in any reading challenges? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


7 thoughts on “2022 Reading Goals

  1. Your bujo! Those stickers! I love it so much 😍 I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do the Popsugar Reading Challenge because I’ve had no success completing it for the past 2 years (welp 😂) but your post has made me want to give it another go! Also, I love that Read Your Shelf challenge and might give that a go too! Good luck with your goals this year, Kerri! You definitely got this!

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