Book Blogger Hop: May 20 – 26

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Crazy-For-Books and is currently being hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every Friday, a new question is posted for book bloggers to answer in the coming week. The purpose of the hop is connection and community. You can discover new blogs to follow, new books to read, and you may end up with some new followers, as well!

This Week’s Question

Image by Coffee Addicted Writer

 Do you drink tea or coffee while reading?

Submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer.

My answer is: neither! As discussed in a previous Top 5 Tuesday, I despise tea and I only drink coffee if it barely tastes like coffee. Even then, it’s still not my go-to beverage of choice while reading.

No, I have two beverages that, if I were feeling bold enough to drink while reading (I’m clumsy as hell…), I would reach for before all others. The first, and dearest, is hot chocolate. I am a huge fan of all things sweet and you might be able to tell that from my choice of beverages, haha. Hot chocolate is a forever favorite and it just sets the cozy, reading mood for me. I prefer it during the colder months, of course, but you can still find me sipping on a nice mug of cocoa late into the summer. Hot chocolate and reading are just he perfect pair, in my eyes.

The other beverage is on the complete opposite scale of drinks. It’s not sweet or hot (the way I like it, at least) or particularly cozy. It’s just, plain water. Ice water, preferably! I tend to have a bottle of water sitting on my bedside table because, when I’m reading before bed, that’s what I want to sip from. Besides, if it splashes on my book a little bit, at least it won’t leave a completely noticeable stain! It’s also pretty much the only way I get even close to a reasonable daily intake of water. Ya girl is permanently dehydrated and it’s all her own doing 😅

I guess, if I was forced to choose from the original choices, however, I’d have to go with coffee. I would truly rather scald my tongue to the point I was never able to taste again than be forced to drink *shudder* tea.

Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but the point stands!


2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: May 20 – 26

  1. The only time I drink coffee while reading is if I get some morning reading time in. Otherwise I’m drinking tea if I want a beverage while reading. I know you don’t like tea, but I think it’s a perfect cozy drink for reading time haha.

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