Top 5 Tuesday: Magic Systems

Top 5 Tuesday is a fun, weekly meme that asks you to pick 5 books that fit that week’s theme. It was created by Bionic Bookworm and is currently being hosted by Meeghan Reads. You should check out their wonderful blog for more details and the list of prompts!

Hello, reader!

I’m enjoying a day off this Tuesday and it’s been quite relaxing! I’m loving hanging out with the family and, of course, reading a ton. Now, it’s time for another Top 5 Tuesday! I’m excited for this week’s theme because I get to talk about my favorite magic systems. As a fantasy reader, good magic systems are like my life blood. Of course, it also means I had a hell of a time narrowing this list down to my top five 😂

All that being said, let’s jump into my list!

#1. Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

We all knew this was going to be at the top of the list! This blog is a little bit of a Raybearer hype vehicle because I will talk about this book/series at any opportunity possible! That being said, the magic system is one of the reasons I adore this book so much. It was interesting and diverse, with tons of different abilities and a fascinating explanation of how they work. It makes sense, within this world, and I loved it!

#2. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

The magic system in the first Mistborn trilogy is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever read! I love that it’s based around different metals and how different metals give different powers. It makes for such an intriguing world. It also makes watching Vin learn all her powers that much more fun. I was definitely never bored as I was reading the first book! I still need to finish this trilogy, but I’m sure the last book will wow me just as much as the first.

#3. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This is the only standalone on this list, but there was no way I could have leave it off a list of my favorite magic systems. The magic in this is a little more nebulous, but it’s absolutely fascinating. It’s dreamy and evocative and beautiful. I fell in love with it instantly and revisit it when I need to lose myself in a book. It’s very easy to do with The Night Circus! This was one time when I instantly added an author to my favorites list after only reading one book, haha.

#4. Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

The magic system is this series is a bit darker than the others on my list and I kind of love it for that. It’s such an enthralling read and the magic definitely plays a part in that! And there are different brands of magic to capture your interest, like that of the Teek and whatever the heck is going on with Serapio. Everything about this book is vividly written and the magic system is no different. And now I kind of want to re-read both Black Sun and Fevered Star 😂

#5. The Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch

I was introduced to this incredible series by one of my bookish friends (thanks, Fi!) and I’m so glad that I picked it up! Not only does this series have an awesome magic system that has a much more scientific approach, but it features a cast of characters you can’t help but love. I swear this series gets better and better with each volume. I can’t wait to see what Peter and company get up to next. And I’m especially eager to see the next magical experiment Peter thinks up.

What are your top five magic systems in books? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


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