Magical Readathon: Orilium Autumn Equinox TBR

Hello, reader!

That’s right. In the month of August, you get not one, but two TBRs from me! Readathons are great TBR-creating motivators 😂

It’s time to continue my character’s journey at the magical academy called Orilium in one of my favorite readathons: the Magical Readathon! I’ve been on-board with this Orilium journey since the beginning and managed to complete all the prompts for the Spring Equinox. Now it’s time to dive further into my studies with this latest round.

But what is the Magical Readathon? It is the brain child of the marvelous G @ Book Roast, who created the world of Aeldia, where Orilium dwells, and every aspect therein. It’s an incredibly creative readathon where you build a character, choose and guild, and guide your character through classes to achieve their calling. I am notoriously bad at giving all the details in a coherent way, so you should definitely watch G’s announcement video for the scoop:

My Character

Before I jump into my TBR for this round, I wanted to re-introduce you all to the character I created for this readathon! She’s living her best life at this magical academy so far.

✨✨✨Name: Korrin Musgrave✨✨✨
✨✨✨Guild: The Order of the Crescent Moon✨✨✨
✨✨✨Current Guild Standing: Assistant (110 gp)✨✨✨
✨✨✨Legacy: Wolf familiar (Venandi)✨✨✨
✨✨✨Background: Wildling✨✨✨
✨✨✨Province: Irtheria✨✨✨
✨✨✨Heritage: Earthling (earth element)✨✨✨

Don’t know what any of that means? You can check out the Brief History of Aeldia on the Google drive. The drive also has the syllabus for this round and lots of other incredibly imaginative information all from the mind of G!

My Calling

Now, while the Spring Equinox was all about starting on your path to your chosen calling, the Autumn Equinox is all about continuing and strengthening your studies. My character’s calling fits with her Earthling nature. She loves all manner of magical (and non-magical) creatures, so she choose to pursue becoming a Beast Master.

A portion of the Beast Master page from the Calling document found in the Google drive, all created by G!

Korrin mastered her initial studies, which only involved reading five books. This time around, she’ll have to be a bit more studious to achieve her goal. During the Autumn Equinox, each calling has several subjects you need to read for. Instead of only having to read one book each, though, there are different levels that you need to reach for whatever subjects your calling requires. The levels are:

O for Ordinary
Q for Qualified
D for Distinguished

So, for example, Korrin needs a Qualified in Restoration. That means I have to read two books, one for the O level of Restoration and one for the Q level. In total, I’ve got seven books on my TBR this round! That said, let’s take a look at what I’ve decided to read.

Autumn Equinox TBR

Elemental Studies (O): Start a book with a drink

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

Starting off with an easy one! This prompt lets me read any book I want, as long as I have a drink when I start it. It doesn’t hurt that we’re studying the ‘Element of Water’ and this is set in/on the ocean. I’m looking forward to giving this creepy mermaid story a read. Also, if this book looks familiar from my Trope-ical Readathon TBR… you’re gonna see that a lot. I can only read so many books in a month, y’all 😂

Animal Studies (O): A book with a familiar or animal companion

The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

I’ve had this book on my TBR for awhile and only recently discovered that there is an animal companion in it! I probably would have picked this up a lot sooner if I had known that, haha. Beyond the animal companion, though, I’ve heard so many great things about not only this book, but the series in general. I suppose it’s time to jump on that hype train and learn what all the fuss is about. I’m hoping I love it.

Animal Studies (Q): A book with a raven on the cover or in the title

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

This book has both a raven on the cover and in the title. Do I get extra credit?? No…? Fine! Either way, this book has been on my TBR for ages. Ever since I read (and loved!) A Sorcery of Thorns by the same author. I’m not a huge fan of stories involving the fae, but perhaps I just haven’t found the right book for me. I’m hoping that this will be one I can enjoy.

Animal Studies (D): A book with a rabbit on the cover or in the title

Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe

That’s right, y’all, I’m re-reading a childhood favorite! My best friend recently found a copy of this at a thrift store and got it for me. She knows how much I adored this series when I was younger and I got so hyped when she gave it to me! Seems like a sign that a prompt for this readathon fit the book perfectly. Besides, with all the books I’m trying to read this month, I needed a quick one!

Alchemy (O): A book on someone’s worst list that you think you might like

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I poked through a lot of BookTube videos for this prompt, but saw this book on readwithcindy’s list and immediately added it to the TBR. I’ve been eager to read the sequel to The Inheritance Games, which I enjoyed immensely! I’m hoping I enjoy this one just as much as the first. The fact that I just picked it up from the library certainly helped its case, as well.

Restoration (O): A book with a single object as the focus on the cover

Winterset Hollow by Jonathan Edward Durham

I’ve been meaning to read this poor book for this entire year and here we are 😅 I figured if I put it on two readathon TBRs, that would be just the motivation I needed to finally pick it up! It sounds like something I would love. It has bookish themes and sounds dark and creepy. It’s like the perfect recipe for me! Here’s hoping I do enjoy it once I finally crack it open.

Restoration (Q): One of the oldest books on your TBR

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Because of who I am as a person, I had so many options for this, haha. I decided to go with Stardust because it has been around for awhile and I actually have an audiobook of it. I figured, since I’m in such an audiobook kick lately, that would help me to actually, finally pick this one up. I’m now wondering who narrates it. If it’s Neil Gaiman himself, that makes me even more excited to give it a read!

Will you be participating in the Magical Readathon Autumn Equinox? If so, good luck with your classes/TBR!

And, as always, happy ready ❤


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