Down the TBR Hole #42

It’s time for a new round of Down the TBR Hole! This is where I go through my Goodreads ‘Want to Read’ shelf and do a bit of cleaning up. If you want to see the full description of what this post is all about, check out my first round HERE.

Hello, reader!

Happy Thursday, y’all. To celebrate the almost-end of the work week, I’m gonna do another round of Down the TBR Hole! I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I’ve managed to decrease my TBR instead of increasing it 😂 I went from 698 books on my ‘Want to Read’ shelf down to 697 books. I mean… it’s only one book, but I’m counting it as a win.

Now it’s time to continue the trimming!

The Unwilling by Kelly Braffet

Imma be honest… I have no memory of this book or adding it to my TBR. The cover is definitely drawing me in! The synopsis, however, has me feeling better meh. Couple that with the top two reviews being one star and saying this is 500+ pages of trauma without plot… and I think I’m gonna give this one a pass.

Verdict: Remove

Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown

This book sounds like such an experience, I’m not gonna lie. It’s a fantasy, but it’s also heavily autobiographical. I think it would be fascinating to see how the author navigates her past through the lens of a fantasy world. I’ve heard great things about this book, too, so that makes me more even willing to keep it on the TBR. Who knows when I’ll actually get to it, though.

Verdict: Keep

Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin

Look, this book is a Shakespeare retelling and that fact alone is enough to keep it on the TBR! The fact that it’s about a girl taking down a bunch of prep school golden boys is just a bonus 😂 This sounds like it would be gripping and bloody. I do enjoy a good revenge story, so I’m definitely in! Here’s hoping it’s as good as I’m thinking it will be.

Verdict: Keep

The Last Confession of Autumn Casterly by Meredith Tate

I added this book to my TBR around when it was first announced and my interest in it has not waned. I just keep forgetting that it exists 😅 This seems like the kind of thriller that I would love. It features siblings and it seems like it tackles some pretty hard-hitting topics. Who knows when I’ll actually pick this up, but it definitely gets to stick around.

Verdict: Keep

Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim

Here we have another retelling and this time it’s for one of my favorite classic novels. Which is saying a lot because I don’t enjoy many classics. So when I’m pitched a gender-bent retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, you know I’m gonna want to read it. It’s just.. taking me awhile. But that doesn’t mean this book is getting the boot because I will read it one day!

Verdict: Keep

Starting total: 697
Removed: 1
End total: 696

Until next round, happy reading!


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