2022 Reading Wrap Up

Hello, reader!

We’re five days into the new year, so I figured I would finally, fully wrap up how my reading went in 2022. Honestly, last year was the year of four star reads and I wasn’t mad about it! I read so many really wonderful books and discovered some authors that I would love to continue to read. I started to dip my toe in the romance genre, I picked up a few books that I’ve been meaning to read for ages, and I actually finished a series!

That being said, let’s go ahead and get into my wrap up post!

In 2022, I read the most books I’ve ever read since I got back into reading as a hobby! It boggles my mind that I read 135 books and 41,950 pages. Like… what?! I’m not complaining though because I feel quite accomplished. I have to give props to rekindling my love for audiobooks and graphic novels. I’m hoping to continue this energy into the new year, though I think that I will be shocked if I get close to or surpass that number in 2023. We shall see!

The fact that the average length of the books I picked up was only 310 pages definitely helped me read the amount that I did, too. This was the year of short, quick reads, which I kind of needed because I was a busy bee in 2022. I think this average length also has to do with the fact that I read a lot more romance this year than I ever have before. Romances tend to be shorter than the fantasy books I usually read. Being a fan of epic, sweeping stories is both a blessing and a curse 😂 Romances also brought me so much joy in 2022, so I am most definitely continuing my exploration of the genre!

I told you that this was the year of four star reads and the fact that my average rating in 2022 was 4.1 stars proves my point! There were so many books I read that were incredible, but didn’t quite reach that five star mark. I mean, I still read 24 five star books this year, which is a great number, I think. So many new favorites! The fact that the rest of my reads were mostly still great makes me quite happy. Here’s hoping 2023 treats me just as well.

I had four main bookish goals for 2022 and, heh, I’m fairly certain I completely forgot about every single one of them as soon as I wrote them down 😅 Let’s go through them, shall we?

  • Read more of my owned TBR: Hahahahaha… oh no… I’m not going to say that I completely failed at this one. I did read 29 books off of my TBR shelf. Which, ya know, is better than zero! Still, seeming as my TBR bookshelf had over 250 books on it at the beginning of the year and I definitely bought several books throughout the year, I would have to say that I’m probably right where I started when it comes to this goal. Sigh…
  • Read 80 books (my Goodreads goal): This one I blew out of the water! High-five, me! Again, I want to thank audiobooks, graphic novels, and romances for helping me achieve at least one of my goals in 2022.
  • Complete four series that I’m already reading: Oh dear. I, um… finished one 😬 Well… one series that I was already reading. According to my reading spreadsheet, I did complete four series in 2022. But three of them were also series I started in 2022. We’re gonna give myself half a high-five for this one.
  • Post more to bookstagram: Well… I kind of accomplished this goal? I started off the year strong, but I think I pushed myself a little much a little too soon. I was trying to post almost every day and that steam did not last 😂 Still, I definitely posted to my bookish Instagram more often than I did in 2021, so we’re counting it as a win.

As 2022 played out, I slowly realized that I signed myself up for way more reading challenges than I was truly capable of handling! I had two separate year-long TBRs and, for a person who doesn’t typically do TBRs, that was never gonna work out, lol. Still, I did… okay? Decent? Not terribly?

Hey, at the end of the day, reading challenges are for fun, anyway. Even if I didn’t complete a single challenge, I did read a lot of incredible books (and some new favorites) because of these challenges. So that’s a win, to me.

22 Reads in 2022: I ended up reading only 8 of the 22 books on this year-long TBR, but I enjoyed every single one!

12 Friends, 12 Recommendations: I read almost half of the books off of this year-long TBR! 5 of the 12 books isn’t too bad. I’m striving to do better in 2023, haha.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: I actually didn’t do too badly with this reading challenge. In fact, I think I finished the most prompts in 2022 than any other year I have attempted this one! I finished 39 out of 50 prompts, which includes the advanced prompts. I’m pretty happy with that number! We’ll see if I can beat that in 2023.

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge: Of all my reading challenges, this is the one I failed the hardest 😅 I only completed 10 out of 24 prompts! Sigh… one year, I’m going to focusing on completing this challenge. Not in 2023 cause I’m pulling back on the challenges I’m doing, but one year!

Read Your Shelf Challenge: I did pretty okay with this one, as well! There were a few prompts that I just couldn’t get to, but overall I did alright. I read books for 45 out of 52 prompts, which looks and feels much better when I type it out as opposed to seeing all the blank spots in my planner 😂

Overall, I had a pretty stellar reading year, quality-wise! Now I would love to focus on achieving some of my readerly goals. That conversation, however, will be in a separate post 😉

How was your reading in 2022? Did you read any new favorites? Did you complete any challenges? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


5 thoughts on “2022 Reading Wrap Up

  1. 135 books is a great achievement and mostly 4 star reads sounds great to me. I often think that maybe 5 star books should be a bit rarer. I know that I generally rate books I love as 4 stars and 5 is for the ones that really blow me away.


  2. Look at all those stars! What a great reading year 😍 I think 2022 was the year that I had the highest average rating (3.9 for me) which is surprising cos I do feel like I had a lot of lower-rated books but for sure, a lot of 4-star reads! 135 is an amazing number of books read. I hope that you continue to have an amazing year of reading in 2023, Kerri! 💜


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