2023 Bookish Goals

Hello, reader!

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Today seemed like a good day to finally share my 2023 bookish goals! Now, a few of these goals are going to be holdovers from 2022 (*cough*), but I think the main goal of 2023 is trying not to do ALL THE THINGS. Ya girl just does not have the time. I’m also going to talk about my blogging goals and the reading challenges I’m planning on trying to complete this year.

That being said, let’s jump in!

In 2023, I’m trying not to set myself too many goals because I’m the type of person who beats herself up if she does not achieve some arbitrary goal that I made up in my head 😅😂 So I’m trying to be kind to 2024-Kerri’s mental health and set some achievable goals that are a little more ambiguous in nature. Only one hard number here, but it’s definitely something do-able and I can’t go a year without setting a Goodreads goal! So let me share my reading goals for 2023.

#1. Read 100 books

An image showing my 2023 Goodreads goal set for 100 books!

This is my one reading goal that actually has a number attached to it (not counting reading challenges, of course). This is also the highest I’ve ever set my Goodreads goal! I’ve read over 100 books the last two years and, with blogging and Netgalley, I think it’s something I can do again. Blog tours and ARCs have certainly upped my reading in recent years and I can’t imagine 2023 being any different. Still, seeing those triple digits makes me a little nervous 😅

#2. Read from my owned TBR as much as possible

This was a goal last year and it did not go well, lol. I got distracted by a lot of blog tours and new, shiny releases so I’m fairly certainly my owned TBR has grown rather than shrunk. I’m planning on cataloguing my owned TBR… soon. Looking at all the stacks around my bedroom and on my TBR bookshelf is daunting, to say the least, but I want to know where I’m starting so I can see how well I stick to this goal in 2023. I don’t have a specific number that I want to hit, or an amount I’d like to reduce my owned TBR by… I’m just hoping to end the year with less instead of more.

#3. Stay on top of Netgalley reads

Now, there’s definitely a number involved with this, but I’m not setting myself a specific number that I’m trying to achieve. I’m already pretty close to the recommended feedback ratio, so I’m not stressed about that. Mostly, I want to stay on top of my Netgalley reads instead of letting ARCs languish on my shelf until they are already published… heh.

When it comes to the blog, my goals lean more into the ‘organization’ realm than the ‘numbers’ realm. I’m not usually too pressed about my numbers when it comes to blogging because, in the end, this is something I do for fun! This year, I’m trying to remind myself more of that fact. So here’s what I’m hoping for my blogging journey in 2023.

#1. Blog consistently, but don’t force content

I think I did pretty well with the first part of this last year, but there were definitely posts I wrote that felt like I was just pushing them out to have something posted for the day. I want to try and avoid that this year! There were definitely days where I would be typing up a post and be thinking I would rather be doing anything else. That’s not great! This year, I want to pay attention to when I’m feeling like blogging is a chore as opposed to something I’m genuinely enjoying. And on the days it feels like too much? Just let it go. I would love to have a post every day on here, but I’m not going to make myself stressed out if I’m just not feeling it.

#2. Pull back on blog tours

Blog tours are one of my favorite parts of being part of the blogging community. That being said, every year, I seriously overcommit to doing blog tours! I want to shout about all the books, especially all the indie books that don’t get as much press as trad published books, so if I see a call for bloggers, I tend to jump all over them. But then that pulls me away from reading books that I was planning on reading or books that have been on my TBR for far longer. I definitely want to continue doing blog tours in 2023, that’s not going to stop, but I’m going to pull back dramatically. I’ll still sign up to do spotlights, since that helps with promotion but doesn’t require me to read the book, but signing up for reviews won’t be as prevalent as last year.

#3. Keep up on reviews and actually posting them

Speaking of reviews, I fell off on keeping up with reviewing the books I read in 2022. Like… a lot. So, I’m 2023, I would like to keep up with reviews, as in writing them as soon as I’m done with the books I read. This is mostly because I have a terrible memory and, if I don’t write my reviews pretty much right after I finish reading a book, then my review is gonna make no damn sense 😂 I also want to make sure I’m sharing my reviews around more, to Goodreads and Amazon, instead of just leaving them on my blog. If I’m gonna write them, why not share them where they might be more widely viewed and possibly help the author? It’s a little thing that I can do as part of the book community.

I tried to do way too many reading challenges last year. I can admit that to myself now, haha. Being a completionist, it was a terrible idea from jump, honestly. Knowing myself, I always start the year off strong when it comes to reading challenges and then life happens and my progress starts to lag. So, this year, I decided to only focus on three (and a half..?) challenges.

#1. The Popsugar Reading Challenge

This is kinda like the Goodreads challenge… I’m going to do it every year whether or not I think I’ll be able to complete it or not 😂 I’m trying something a little different this year, though. I’m going to pre-pick my books for the various prompts from my owned books instead of just filling in the prompts as I read throughout the year. I mean… there are a few prompts where I couldn’t find anything that fit from my shelves, so I’ll take care of those as I go, but, for the most part, I’ve got a book in mind for each prompt. Hopefully this helps me complete this challenge in 2023!

If you’d like to participate, as well, you can find all the prompts here!

#2. 12 Friends, 12 Recommendations Challenge

I did… okay with this challenge in 2022. I read almost half the books on my list! The fact that I loved all of them makes me sad that I didn’t get to all the recommendations, though they are all still on my never-ending TBR. Y’all have great taste! This year, I’m approaching this challenge a little differently. I’m using a TBR jar and drawing a book a month for all of 2023. That way I’m guaranteed to pick up all of my recs this year! Hopefully 🤞🏾

#3. 2023 Disney Reading Challenge

Two of my bookish friends, Hannah and Ashlee, mentioned this challenge in our TWR chat and I was instantly all over it, haha. I love Disney movies, I love reading… it seemed like the perfect fit. I haven’t picked out books for each of these prompts, I’m going to play this one more by ear. I’m also going to try and be more relaxed about it if I don’t finish every prompt. It was just too fun to pass up! This is being hosted by the Bibbdy Bobbidy Book Club over on Instagram, so go check them out!

#3 and a half??: Project Backlist Reading Challenge

I signed up to participate in the Project Backlist Reading Challenge hosted by Reader Voracious. The reason I’m counting is as a half is because the levels I signed up for all fall in line with goals I’ve already mentioned above, so signing up for this was basically my way of keeping myself accountable 😂 But there are also badges soooooo… Little signs of accomplishment that I can post places are a very good motivator for me. Here are the badges I’m going for:

  • Committed Reader: Read an owned book a week a month (I know myself…)
  • Cold Turkey: Book Buying Ban or an ARC Ban
  • ARCrastinator: Clear overdue ARC list

This looks like a good time, too, and I’m excited to see how I do. If you’d like to join in, as well, click the links above!

Alright! Those are all my bookish plans for 2023. I’m truly trying to not stress myself out too much this year because reading is my favorite hobby. I don’t want to turn it into something I’m no longer enjoying because I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I’m hoping for an amazing reading year and I’m wishing you all the same 😊📚

Do you have any specific reading or blogging goals for 2023? Are you participating in any reading challenges? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


8 thoughts on “2023 Bookish Goals

  1. Good Luck with your reading goals this year. I definitely agree about writing reviews soon after I’ve read the book. I try to get mine written the next day if possible. I’m trying to get my net galley shelf under control and not request too many books that are published at the same time. Some months have been really stressful this year and then the reviews suffer I think.

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  2. These are great goals. It definitely seems like everyone wants to really try to stick it to their TBR/owned book piles this year and I think that’s fantastic. I’m in the same boat. Your goal about writing reviews as close as possible to finishing the book is a good reminder…I did pretty well with that last year up until about the last 2 months, haha. There are a couple now where I doubt I’ll even write the review because it’s been so long I don’t remember the details. Good luck with your 2023 goals!

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  3. These are some really great goals, good luck with them. I’m also trying to get up to date with my NetGalley reads. I’m doing okay with my feedback ratio but I’m not great at getting reviews out on time

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