Book Blogger Hop: Oct 8 – 14

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Crazy-For-Books and is currently being hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every Friday, a new question is posted for book bloggers to answer in the coming week. The purpose of the hop is connection and community. You can discover new blogs to follow, new books to read, and you may end up with some new followers, as well!

Hello, reader!

Today, I’m looking at the new Book Blogger Hop question of the week! Spoiler alert: this one is a lot of fun! And kind of difficult to answer, for me. There are just so many possibilities and it’s hard to narrow it down.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? First, let me share what the question is!

This Week’s Question

What spooky creature and/or setting do you never get tired of reading?

Submitted by Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books.

In my opinion, this is two questions in one. I have a much easier time answering one of them as opposed to the other. Let’s start with the harder one, shall we?

What spooky creature do I never get tired of reading?

Well… that’s the thing. I love spooky books, in general, but I don’t think I have a favorite spooky creature. I’ve enjoyed books with ghosts, vampires, werewolves, but typically the feel of the book is more what makes it a fave as opposed to the creatures within. I will say I went through massive vampire burnout after the Twilight Years. They were just everywhere and I couldn’t be bothered anymore. But I’ve recently found myself either enjoying or very interested in books featuring vampires again.

I think, if I were forced to choose, I’d probably go with demons. More specifically mysterious and/or snarky demons who have a secret soft-spot for the humans in their lives. Think Silas from A Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. He was without a doubt my favorite character in that book! I’m failing to think of more examples at the moment. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

What spooky setting do I never get tired of reading?

Now this is much easier to answer! GIVE ME ALL THE SPOOKY, SCARY WOODS/FORESTS, PLEASE!

I love a book that features dark and creepy woods, all the better if the main character lives in said woods in a dark and creepy house (probs my second favorite setting). There’s something so perfectly atmospheric and foreboding about a scary forest that makes any story (not just horror!), in my opinion, ten times better. A recent book I loved that got this setting just right is Among the Beasts & Briars by Ashley Poston. The woods in that story were just beautifully evocative and creepy enough to send a shiver down your spine. And it’s not even a horror novel! Immaculate *chef’s kiss*

Even if the forest isn’t the main focus of the story, I still love it! Take White Fox by Sara Faring. The forest in that story is certainly not at the center of the events, but it plays a small and terrifying role. And Sara Faring makes sure you know that it’s not a welcoming place. I absolutely loved the scenes that played out in the woods.

All this talk about scary, atmospheric forests and now I want to read a book with one in it… Time to pick through the TBR!

What are your favorite spooky creatures and/or settings in books? Do you have any recommendations for books that have the ones I love? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!