Top 5 Tuesday: Series I Will Start in 2023

Top 5 Tuesday is a fun, weekly meme that asks you to pick 5 books that fit that week’s theme. It was created by Bionic Bookworm and is currently being hosted by Meeghan Reads. You should check out their wonderful blog for more details and the list of prompts!

Hello, reader!

Happy Tuesday to you all. I’m here to bring you another Top 5 Tuesday post! This week is all about series I want to start in 2023 which I have plenty from which to choose, haha. I really should hold off since I’m in the middle of so many series, but I’m not known for making the best choices when it comes to my reading 😂 Besides, the five series I’ve decided to feature are series I’ve been wanting to start for awhile!

That being said, let’s get to the list!

#1. The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb is such a talked-about author in the book community and I still haven’t read any of her books! I’ve wanted to read Assassin’s Apprentice for ages, but I’m always intimidated by two factors. One: though this is only a trilogy, there are so many books in the full series of books set in this world. Two: this series seems to emotionally destroy people, haha. Still, this is such an iconic series and I want to know what all the hype is about.

#2. The Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor

I have mentioned I want to try and read more science fiction this year, so of course I gotta include this series about a Black girl fighting aliens. I mean, it’s about a lot more than that and that’s exactly why I want to read it! I’ve also read a few books by this author, now, and I’ve enjoyed every single one. Her brand of sci-fi is always fascinating and I’m excited to discover more.

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Sunday By My Shelf: Series I Want To Start

Hello, reader!

It’s time for another Sunday By My Shelf! This is a bookish meme that was started by Fiona @ Fi’s Bibliofiles. The purpose is to explore books sitting on your physical TBR as opposed to a virtual one. It is bi-weekly, with new topics to talk about each time. The schedule can be found on Fiona’s original post here!

Technically, I should have posted this last Sunday. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, though, and I spent the entire day being spoiled and lazy, lol. So I’m bringing you last week’s topic this week! The books I’ll be talking about that are chilling on my physical TBR, waiting for my attention, are series that I own, but have not started. Most of the ones I’ll be discussing are series where I bought the first book but have yet to pick up the rest of the series because I still haven’t read the book I bought! There are quite a few to talk about, so let’s dive in.

#1. The Legacy of Orisha series

I’ve been interested in this series for quite some time. I received the first in the series as a gift and ended up buying the second on a whim while shopping. Because that’s the type of person I am 😂 I’m excited to dive into The Children of Blood and Bone and discover the world that Tomi Adeyemi has crafted! And, besides all that, the cover is just iconic. We love to see a dark-skinned black girl front and center on a YA fantasy!

#2. The Arc of a Scythe series

This is one of those books that I picked up simply because of internet hype. So many Booktubers love this series! Of course, it also sounds incredibly intriguing: a world where no one dies, so a whole organization forms to cull the population. I can only image the moral dilemmas that will arise! I picked the first book up at a Barnes & Noble some time ago and now it just sits… patiently waiting for its time.

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