About Me

I’m one of those people that finds it difficult to talk about themselves. Mostly because, if we’re being honest, mine is not the most exciting life! I’m married with two kids. We are an animal loving family that is currently spoiling three beautiful cats. I work as a medical laboratory scientist in the Microbiology department, which I find deeply cool, but most others may not. We are recent transplants from New Mexico to the Boston area and are about to experience our first New England winter. Spoiler alert: I am not prepared. And, of course, I love books!

My love for books has been a Thing for as long as I can remember. My mom is a voracious reader and that got passed down to my brother and I. I know my parents must of read to me often, but, when asked the moment I fell in love with reading, I always refer to a moment in fourth grade. My teacher, who had recognized that I was gobbling up the books left and right, asked if I would like to read a book that she loved. She said it was a book for adults, but she thought I would really enjoy it because she knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. Fourth grade Kerri had big plans, y’all. She gifted me a copy of All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot and told me to give it a try.

I devoured that book and every other book by Mr. Herriot I could get my hands on. That teacher opened my eyes to how a book can transport you in a way I hadn’t imagined before that time. And she made me realized that I wasn’t limited in my reading by what books were marketed towards my age group. From that moment forward, I can remember constantly having a book in hand and the shelves at home started to quickly fill up. Now they are overflowing and I have a TBR that I have no hope of finishing in my lifetime!

When it comes to what I enjoy reading, I am an open-minded consumer. My main favorite consists of adult and YA fantasy, but I also enjoy science fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thrillers, true crime, and contemporary. Honestly, though, if the premise of the book sounds interesting to me, the genre doesn’t much matter to me. I’ve found favorites in all types of genres, from The Night Circus to The Nightingale. What is most important to me in a book is undoubtedly the characters. If I fail to connect to (or at least love to hate) any of the characters, then the book just falls flat. I love me a good character-driven book, mmm!

So, yeah… that’s me in a nutshell! I, of course, have other hobbies beyond reading. If I’m being honest with myself, though, most nights you can find me curled up in my favorite reading spot with a book in my hands and a cat on my lap. And, frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to my blog and happy reading!