End of the Year Book Tag 2019

While I was at work today, I realized that December is literally next week! I’m honestly shocked that this year (and this decade!) is almost over. It was a busy year so that probably contributed to the fact that it feels like everything flew by.

It’s been a busy reading year for me, too. That was a big change for me after a year where I barely read two books. I’m currently sitting at 70 books on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, which blows my goal of 50 out of the water! It’s been a great reading year, y’all, but it’s not quite over. It’s time to look at what I’ll be doing for the last month of this decade.

I was tagged by the lovely Nikki @The Night is Dark and Full of Books! Thank you so much for the tag! Y’all should check her out because her blog is fantastic. This was originally created by Ariel @ArielBisset.

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