BBNYA Spotlight: Butterflies by D.E. McCluskey

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I’m back again with another BBNYA Spotlight! Today’s book is a contemporary that seems like it would be an emotional journey: Butterflies by D.E. McCluskey! But before we get into the post, let’s talk more about this spotlight tour and BBNYA in general.

This year, the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA) is celebrating the 65 books that made it into Round Two with a mini spotlight blitz tour for each title. BBNYA is a yearly competition where book bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors, ending with 10 finalists and one overall winner. 

If you want some more information about BBNYA, check out the BBNYA Website or take a peek over on Twitter @BBNYA_Official. BBNYA is brought to you in association with the @Foliosociety (if you love beautiful books, you NEED to check out their website!) and the book blogger support group @The_WriteReads.

Book Details

  • Title: Butterflies
  • Author: D.E. McCluskey
  • Publication date: October 1st, 2020
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Age group: Young Adult

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“Olivia Martelle has it all. She’s young and beautiful and has just had her fairy-tale wedding to the man of her dreams, the man who makes the butterflies in her stomach swoop and swirl. Life is looking rosy indeed. Then, a cruel twist of fate changes everything. After a devastating accident, every day seems to be a battle—with doctors, with her sister-in-law, with herself. Her beautiful blue butterflies have turned to black. A desperate mistake leads her onto a path she doesn’t want to tread, and her life begins to spiral out of control. Will anything bring her butterflies back?”

About the Author

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I love horror, and I love Christmas. Some would say that the two are not mutually conjoined, others would tell you different.

Anyways… I started writing, one Christmas, back in the days of yore. I was reading The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore to my daughter who was just too excited to sleep. But, I used my secret weapon, my boring voice to send her off… As I tiptoed out of the room, giving Santa the space he needs to do his bit, I thought to myself, you know what? I could write something like that…

So I did…

The good Behaviour Act was written, the first story in Interesting Tymes, my very first publication.

This was followed by Interesting Tymes X 2.

These were horror anthologies written in rhyme.

I then started to think about adult orientated tales, and began to produce comics and graphic novels… These include Wooden Heart, Three Days in the City, Dopelgänger, The Adventures of Mace Masoch, The Few, DeathDay Presents…

Becoming disillusioned with the comic con scene (and the becoming skint from paying the artists) I decided to move onto novels.

I produced The Twelve, In The Mood… For Murder, CRACK, Z: A Love Story and The Contract.

I live in sunny Liverpool in the UK with my partner and daughters, I work in IT (for a living, hate it) and I love football, music and film… I also enjoy long walks, pretty flowers, and gratuitous violence and nudity…


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