Blog Tour: The Legend of Black Jack by A.R. Witham

Hello, reader!

It’s time, once again, for another fabulous blog tour hosted by The Write Reads! This go around, I’m bringing you a review for a young adult fantasy novel that sweep me off my feet: The Legend of Black Jack by A.R. Witham. This story absolutely captivated my imagination and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Before I do, though, I’ve got folks to thank! First, I want to thank Dave @ The Write Reads and all of the crew for giving me a spot on this tour! Next, I want to thank the author for providing me with a free e-book so that I could share my thoughts! It is, as always, much appreciated.

Now, let’s jump into my tour stop!

  • Title: The Legend of Black Jack
  • Author: A.R. Witham
  • Publication date: May 20th, 2022
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age group: Young Adult
  • Content/Trigger Warnings: Depictions of child neglect, violence, blood, gore, dismemberment, torture, alcoholism


Prepare to be whisked away to another realm in this epic fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman’s characters in Stardust or Patrick Rothfuss’s prose in The Name of the Wind.

Jack Swift remembers everything—even the horrible things he’d like to forget. To keep his guilt-ridden memories from haunting him, and to dodge his abusive foster mom, he buries himself in any book he can find, dreaming of his ultimate escape: becoming a doctor.

But fate has another escape in mind.

At 3:33 am on his fourteenth birthday, Jack is kidnapped by a monstrous rhinoceros and whisked away to another sphere of existence: the land of Keymark. Though this world is filled with pixies, monsters, pirates, elves, warriors, and mythical wonders, it is without healing magic—that magic was stolen by an evil, immortal prince hell-bent on domination. With no understanding of medical science to heal their wounds or illnesses, Jack’s kidnappers ask the impossible of him: use his knowledge to save a life…or be trapped in this bizarre world with no chance of rescue.

Jack doesn’t have secret magic, a great destiny, or any medical experience.

Why do they all expect him to become a legend?

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