Book Tag: Ten Bookish Questions

Hello, reader!

After a very busy week, I thought I would unwind this Sunday evening by doing a book tag. Yes, answering random bookish questions relaxes me. We all have our things 😆

I was tagged in the Ten Bookish Questions book tag by the lovely Fiona @ Fi’s Bibliofiles, who is a fantastic blogger you all should definitely be following! This tag was originally created by A Books Neverland and I have seen this tag making the rounds. I think it’s so interesting reading everyone’s answers. So now it’s time to add my answers. Let’s dive in!

How many books do you currently own?

Ahahahaha, I have no idea. Though I could potentially count them all since most are still in boxes after our move. The only books I’ve unpacked are (most) of my unread books to put on the bookshelf in our room. Which currently looks like this:

Now add to that two large bookshelves worth of books that are still in boxes. And that’s not even counting my ebooks and audiobooks! Yeeeahhh… I have a lot of books 😬

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