Blog Tour: Blood of the Lost Kingdom by Kristin Ward

Hello, reader!

Today, I’m bringing you another blog tour hosted by The Write Reads! This one is for a sequel to an intriguing fantasy series that builds on the exciting world we encountered in the first book: Blood of the Lost Kingdom by Kristin Ward! I was actually on the blog tour for the first book in this series, The Girl of Dorcha Wood. I enjoyed that one so much that I had to jump on board for book number two!

Before I get to my review, though, I want to thank Dave @ The Write Reads (and all the behind-the-scenes folks!) and the author for providing me with a free e-book in exchange for an honest review and my participation in this tour. It is very much appreciated!

Alright, let’s dive in, shall we?

Book Details

  • Title: Blood of the Lost kingdom
  • Author: Kristin Ward
  • Publication date: August 3rd, 2021
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age group: Young Adult
  • Content/Trigger Warnings: For a list of potential content and trigger warnings, check out this book’s page on



Mysterious. Hidden. Sacred. Erabel is the beating heart of Dorcha Wood. And its heir has come home.

Fleeing the man who betrayed her, Fiadh returns to her beloved forest, into its heart, to discover her people. And herself. With the aid of Veren, an Aos Sí warrior, she explores her birthright, a world safeguarded from the corruption of mankind. There, she learns the history of a mighty race and the vastness of the power coursing through her blood. 

But beyond Erabel’s boundaries, men are flocking, rallying to an evil lord who covets the strength flowing in Fiadh’s veins. They have their eyes fixed on the lost kingdom of the Aos Sí, and it’s only a matter of time before they breach those borders and come for Fiadh and all who protect her. 

All around her, the world is closing in, as some plot in shadows, and others in the stark light of day.

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