Down the TBR Hole #30

It’s time for a new round of Down the TBR Hole! This is where I go through my Goodreads ‘Want to Read’ shelf and do a bit of cleaning up. If you want to see the full description of what this post is all about, check out my first round HERE.

Hello, reader!

It’s been a moment since I’ve done another round of Down the TBR Hole. And, surprise of all surprises, my Goodreads Want to Read shelf has actually reduced in number since the last time I did this post! I was at 721 books at the end of last round and I’ll be starting this one with 719 books on the TBR. This almost never happens because I have no self control, haha. I would like to contribute that to the fact I read quite a few books off my backlist last month. Of course, with the amount of books off my backlist I read, that number should have gone down way more… but remember how I said I have no self control? Haha… yeah 😅

Anyways! Let’s see if I can trim this list down a little bit more.

Extropia by Robin Bootle

I have no recollection of adding this book whatsoever, haha. The cover is cool, though, so that’s probably how it ended up on my TBR. Reading the synopsis, it’s about a boy that must save his father who has become stuck in a virtual reality realm named Extropia. And that sounds right up my alley! It’s also a standalone, which means I won’t be committing series.

Verdict: Keep

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Yup, I have yet to give this very popular YA series a try. I dunno… I’ve never been particularly drawn to fae stories. I’ve only read one Holly Black book and it was alright, nothing that made me eager to read her other work. I think the only reason this stays on my TBR is because of the hype. Honestly, though… I’m not feeling it anymore.

Verdict: Remove

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

This is one of those books I remember adding to my TBR but kind of forgot about in the shuffle of newer, shinier books. That being said, I’m still very interested in this series. I think the concept of three magical sisters having to fight over one crown is fascinating. Perhaps they’ll turn on whoever made up that stupid rule and kill them, instead 😂

Verdict: Keep

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