Piano Playlist Book Tag

Hello, reader!

After a week of not many posts (I swear I’ll get on an actual schedule at some point), I’m back with a tag! The wonderful Danni @ _ForBooksSake tagged me to do the Piano Playlist Book Tag. If you’re a fan of thrillers and darker tales (or, honestly, just a really great blog), you should definitely check her out!

We’ve established that I love music and books all mashed up together, so I was excited to give this tag a go. I’m also excited because I grew up being immersed in classical music, so seeing so many familiar pieces on this list made me little music nerd heart happy. That being said, let’s jump in!

The Rules:

  1. Post the rules in your… post.
  2. Answer all the questions and if you’ve never heard any of the songs, listen to them before you answer the questions.
  3. Link the creator and the person who nominated you (Moi @Bookish Blunders).
  4. Nominate 8 people. Only 8. (Why? There’s no Symphony no. 9, so…)
  5. Use the featured image I’ve posted on this tag. (It’s drawn by Moi and she’d like some recognition)

Look at how beautiful!

The Prompts:

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata: A book you read that had an unexpected plot twist near the end.

The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

There are twists upon twists in this book, but there is one at the end that just hurts y’all. Looking back, I knew it was coming. At the time, however, I was shooketh 😂 Now I have to read the last book to see how that twist plays out!

Lizst – La Campanella: A book that you couldn’t even finish.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

This is one of the few books that I just refused to finish. I couldn’t get into anything about this book: the characters, the atmosphere, the actual plot. I hated every little bit of it and I ended up “losing” the book because I just… couldn’t. And that’s saying a lot because I managed to hate-read the entirety of The Scarlet Letter and that book is awful.

Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee: A book that was crazy and chaotic that you couldn’t even figure out what was happening.

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

I don’t know if this counts as cheating as I haven’t actually finished this book yet. But I can definitely tell you that what I’ve read so far can only be described as cHAoS. I’ve never mumbled “What the f***” under my breath so many times while reading a book… We’ll see how I ended up liking it when I finally get through it.

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