20 Questions Book Tag

Hello, reader!

It’s Thursday and that seems a perfect day to do a tag! Today, I’ll be doing the 20 Questions Book Tag, which looks like a ton of fun. I was tagged by the awesome Esther @ Cozy With Books. She has such a fun blog! The aesthetic is so bright and cheerful and, if you like authors like John Sanford, you’re going to love her content. You should check her out if you haven’t already!

I went into a blog deep dive to try and discover who originally created this tag, but I came up empty handed. If any of you know, please fill me in so I can give credit where credit is due!

For now, though, let’s jump in.

1. How Many Books Is Too Many Books In a Series?

I tend to get bored with a series when it moves past ten books, I’ve realized. That’s what happened with the Anita Blake series and I started losing steam on the Wheel of Time series around book ten. I do want to re-read the Wheel of Time series, though, because now I know there’s an end, haha. I think that’s what turns me off… I start to wonder if there will ever be resolution and then I get annoyed 😂

2. How Do You Feel About Cliffhangers?

Again, as long as I know there’s going to be a resolution, I’m all for it! I love the suspension of a good cliffhanger and how hyped it gets me for the next book. That being said, I’m okay with an open-ended ending to a book or series, but if it has the excitement and the nail-biting quality of a cliffhanger, then I’m upset. I guess I just don’t like being left in suspense!

3. Hardback or Paperback?

My heart says ‘hardback’ but my baby wrists say ‘paperback’, haha. Honestly, though, a far amount of my books are hardback and I love the feel of holding/reading one. At the same time, as a fantasy reader who finds herself drawn to epics, I have a lot of chonky hardbacks on my TBR that just look like they’re gonna hurt to hold/read. Like The Jasmine Throne… my wrist were crying out for relief once I finished that book! So, sometimes, I’m kind and give them a break by picking up a nice paperback.

4. Favorite Book?

This is just a cruel question to ask a book lover! How am I supposed to pick just one?! I have quite a few favorites, but I suppose I’ll pick a more recent favorite to feature here. The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin was a recent read that instantly jumped onto my ‘favorites of all time’ list. I had been wanting to read it for forever, but the hype intimidated me. Thankfully, this blew the hype out of the water. It was so good!

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