#5OnMyTBR – Borrowed

#5OnMyTBR is a bookish meme hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook where you chose five books from your to-be-read pile that fit that week’s theme. If you’d like more info, head over to the announcement post!

Hello, reader!

I hope everyone has had a great Monday. Mine has been especially busy, which is why I’m just now sitting down to write this post. After rushing around and feeling kind of crabby, I was pumped to find out that the 5 On My TBR prompts had been updated! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these posts and I have to say, I’ve missed them.

Today’s prompt is borrowed books which I honestly don’t have any I can think. Mostly because I avoid borrowing books from friends because I take forever to read them. So I’m going to pick five books that I would love to borrow from my library some time soon!

#1. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

This is a book that has been on my TBR for years. It’s also a book by an author that I’ve never read from before. I don’t always do this, but when I think about, I do like to try authors out before I commit to having them on my shelves. So for this book, which definitely intrigues me, but not enough to buy it, I’m definitely going to get it from my local library. Ya know, when I can remember I want it and not get distracted by the shiny, new books right at the front of the building, haha.

#2. Flamefall by Rosaria Munda

This is the second book in the Aurelian Cycle series, which is criminally underrated! I mean… I’ve only read the first book, Fireborne, so I suppose I don’t know if the entire series is underrated. All I know is that the first book was incredible and no one ever seems to talk about it! That being said, I don’t own the first book and I don’t need to be buying an entire series any time soon, so this seems like a good ‘borrow from the library’ choice. Then, if I love this one as much as I love the first, I’ll probably cave and get the whole set 😂

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