WWW Wednesday: Aug 5, 2020

It’s time for another WWW Wednesday! This is a bookish meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where bloggers answer the 3 Ws:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

If you’d like to learn more about any of these books, click on the cover to be taken to the Goodreads page.

Current Reads

  • No Truth Left to Tell by Michael McAuliffe: Y’all, I’m never going to finish this book 😫 I swear, every time I pick it up, I can only get through a few chapters before I want to read something else! Courtroom thrillers just might not be my thing… But I got this book from the publisher so I am going to finish it.
  • A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown: Remember how I said every time I started reading the last book, I wanted to pick up something else? It’s because of this book. THIS BOOK IS SO. GOOD! I just want to hide from all my responsibilities until I’m done reading this beautiful thing! I would fight for both Karina and Malik. Seriously. Just throw down with whomever. I can’t wait to finish this one!
  • The Three Muskateers by Alexandre Dumas: I downloaded this audiobook after finishing The Count of Monte Cristo because A) I really loved that book and this one is by the same author and B) the same narrator performs this audiobook and his voice is just *chef’s kiss* I’ve been listening to it at work, so I’m not terribly far into it, but I’m liking it!

Recently Finished

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • The Bone Ships by R.J. Barker: I FINALLY FINISHED THIS! How pumped are we?! Well… I’m super excited. This book was a bit of a slog at the beginning and I ended up giving up on the e-book. Once I picked up the audiobook, however, I was completely sucked in! You can read my full review HERE.
  • The Call of the Wild by Jack London: This was another audiobook I downloaded mostly because of the narrator. Hint: it’s the same guy who narrated The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Muskateers. It’s a short, little classic which was compelling but, holy shit, the animal abuse 😬 Still, it kept my interest and I ended up enjoying the experience.
  • Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen: This book has a super fun premise that I was instantly drawn to. It was a good book, but it definitely wasn’t as engaging as I had hoped. There were a lot of conveniences that I had a hard time getting past! My full review will be up soon.
  • Crossings by Alex Landragin: This was such a weird, interesting book! I love the fact that there is an alternate way to experience the story: you can read it from front to back or follow the Baroness reading, which skips you around the various stories. I read it the traditional way, but I think I might try it again reading it as the Baroness intended. My full review will be up soon!

What’s Next

  • The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips: I’m on a #TheWriteReads blog tour for this middle grade novel. I honestly don’t know much about it, but it looks and sounds like it’s going to be a fun time! I’m excited to pick it up.
  • The Faithless Hawk by Margaret Owen: MY MOST ANTICIPATED SEQUEL OF THE YEEEEEAAAARRRR! And I’m on the TBR and Beyond Tours book tour for it!! I am both excited and scared to read this. Excited because I know I’m going to devour it. Scared because the author keeps hinting at THINGS on Twitter and my heart can’t take it!
  • Small Spaces by Katherine Arden: I’ll be reading this spooky middle grade for the Middle Grade Marvels book club in August and I’m so pumped! This book has been on my TBR for months and I’m eager to dig in. Plus, how often do you get to read middle grade horror?

What are you currently reading? Read any new favorites lately? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!