The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Book Tag

Hello, reader!

It’s time for another one of my favorite posts: a book tag! There’s something about hunting down books to fit with all the different prompts that I just love. And this one seems like it’s going to be extra fun as it’s centered around the Percy Jackson universe! I’m gonna be honest, I’ve only read the original Percy Jackson series. I did, however, really enjoy it and have wanted to read The Heroes of Olympus for quite some time. So this should be a fun time!

Before we jump in, I want to thank Danni @ _ForBooksSake for tagging me! She’s an incredible book blogger and you all should definitely check out her answers to this tag and her blog in general ❤ Her pictures are just… *chef’s kiss*

Alright! Let’s get into the tag!


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As mentioned in the rules, all of the lovely graphics I’m using in this post were created by May @ Forever and Everly!

Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

Like anyone who reads my blog is surprised by this 😂

Honestly, though, this book snuck into my life and absolutely blew me away. I entered a giveaway because the cover is just drop-dead gorgeous and then I read the book and my fate was sealed. I will never stop yelling about how incredible this story is and how much I love it! The world-building! The richly rendered setting! The characters! It just all flows together and creates, to me, the perfect freakin’ book.

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