In Other Words #7

Happy holidays, everyone! Christmas is officially over, but the holidays aren’t quite over yet. I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays thus far. I had one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a long while! But we’ll talk about that in a second. First, it’s time for a recap!

Last Week’s Posts

Life Outside the Blogosphere

So Christmas! This was the first time in awhile that I had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off of work and it was amaaaazing. I spent most of Christmas Eve sequestered in our bedroom wrapping presents, but I did emerge to share a hot cocoa with the family and just enjoy being around them. We also played another chapter of Betrayal Legacy which is just a weird, creepy, FUN game. We tucked the kiddos in as early as we could, got everything set for Christmas Day, then went to bed in anticipation of an early morning, lol.

Christmas Day was just the best! The kids were kind and didn’t wake us up until 7 in the morning. They did much better than I did as a kid! The morning was spent opening presents, making breakfast together, and just hanging out with each other. Actually, we spent the whole day hanging out in the living room together and I loved it. The kids built LEGOs while my husband and I messed around with setting up my daughter’s new Nintendo Switch. Then we all watched her play Untitled Goose Game and had a good laugh at her questionable antics, lol. Seriously, though, for a game about an evil goose terrorizing a town full of people, I found that jerk of a fowl rather endearing.

After Christmas, though, it was back to the grind. Work has been a slog the rest of the week because not many people want to go into their doctor’s clinic during the holidays. It’s been extra slow and boring. But the extra down time at work did allow me to catch up on my Booktube backlog, so there is that, lol.

Now we have New Year’s Eve to look forward to, though we don’t have any big plans this year. I have to work New Year’s Day and I am solidly in my mid-thirties, so I’m not planning on partying until the wee hours. I could have pulled it off in my twenties, but my body can’t handle that anymore! I stayed up past midnight two nights in a row this week and about died. So it’ll probably be a quiet night in with family for New Year’s Eve and I’m looking forward to it!

Random Stuff

Song of the Week:

As soon as Christmas is over, I scrub all Christmas music from my playlists and memory. In an attempt to do that, I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran’s No 6 Collaboration album pretty much on repeat. This is probably my favorite song on the whole album. I keep thinking the next time I press replay on it, I’ll get sick of it, but it hasn’t happened yet xD

Factoid of the Week:

“2,000 pounds of confetti are dropped in Times Square every New Year’s Eve.”

How were your holidays, thus far? Any plans for NYE? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, happy reading!


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